Parents and Guardians

Hello parents and guardians,

On this page you will find information related to your child(ren) and their learning experiences in the Physical and Health Education (PHE) Department. Additionally, throughout this page you will find information that will be helpful for you to understand more about their learning and how you can support them throughout their journey. If you have any questions or concerns please do feel free to contact your child’s teacher via email (find HERE) or by phone at phone at 604.296-6880 ext. 3132 or 3114.


To help ensure that all students get the most of their learning experiences in our program, we ask that students:

  1. Have fun and behave in a positive, respectful, and co-operative manner
  2. Participate in each activity with effort and to the best of their ability
  3. Arrive to class on time and prepared in appropriate gym strip
  4. Communicate with their PHE teacher about any absences or medical considerations
  5. Bring a lock to secure any valuables in a locked and/or secure location
  6. Refrain from bringing food (including gum), beverages (water is fine) or unnecessary personal property into the gyms or change rooms
  7. Use the equipment provided in a safe and appropriate manner
  8. Be responsible for their learning progress in the course


The following is taken from the BC Ministry of Education website on alternative delivery options for sensitive topics within the Physical and Health Education curriculum:

  • The Physical and Health Education provincial curricula include topics related to reproduction and sexuality that some students and their parents/guardians may feel more comfortable addressing by means other than instruction by a teacher in a regular classroom setting. In such instances, students, with their parents’ or guardians’ consent, may arrange to address topics related to reproduction and sexuality by an alternative means. This must been arranged in consultation with their school. This alternate delivery policy does not apply to any other learning standards or learning outcomes in the education program guides listed above.

For more information on this, including a direct link to the BC Ministry of Education website with this information please click on: Alternative Delivery


**REMINDER-Report cards will be issued online**

Throughout the school year students will engage in a variety of learning experiences and have ongoing assessment opportunities to demonstrate their learning in relation to the provincial Physical and Health Education curriculum. Student progress will be communicated in formal (i.e. online report cards, parent-teacher interviews) and, if requested, informal methods (i.e. phone calls, emails, etc.) and parent(s)/guardian(s) are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher regarding any specific questions or concerns they might have throughout the year.


Over the course of the year, students will have the opportunity to participate in different learning experiences within our community and/or with some community partners. To help provide these learning experiences for students there is a learning enrichment fee for each of the following grades (examples of these learning experiences may include the activities listed in the chart below):

PHE 8 $15.00 Swimming, dance, yoga
PHE 9 $25.00 Swimming, martial arts, dance, yoga
PHE 10 $50.00 Swimming, golf, dance, yoga, First Aid/CPR certification

Please read, sign, and have the following blanket field trip permission forms returned to your child’s teacher:

Grade 8     Grade 9     Grade 10

**For any added field trips that might require transportation there will be a separate field trip permission form sent home for you to review and return.